Disney’s Tangled is an Untangled View on Libertarianism

tangled image

Let’s face it: doing the 7 AM usual morning line-up in a stress-free environment such as Rapunzel’s Tower (!!!) seems just like paradise. I’m sure all of us at one point or another (especially the guys) have dreamed of being ensured with similar leisure and protection, because only then will we be able to be truly happy, right?

Truth be told, however, being this comfortable is never good enough. Sometimes we can only be happy if we can just see the floating lanterns. We have to make sure our lives begin. So Rapunzel, I want to thank you for actually doing that, even if that meant ignoring your excuse of a “mother,” Gothel, who strictly forbade you to do so. Thank you for acknowledging that your freedom is the only key to your happiness, which is more important than whatever your control freak fake mother says. Because in the end, she doesn’t know best—at all.

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Basic Economics: Wreck-It Ralph Edition

wreck it ralph

Wreck-It Ralph at first can be interpreted as anti-capitalist. The exposition makes it seem as though Ralph is a poor bad guy, who has been trampled upon by those with money, and who has been forced to submit to a life in the dumpster while tip top gold-coin-adorned rich guy Fix it Felix lives in a penthouse. Who doesn’t feel pity for Ralph when the rich guys say he can’t be as good as Felix or that he can’t get a similar gold coin? With this, it’s possible to assume Ralph has been trapped into being poor and that his life is primarily a battle between him and the rich guys. All of which, however, is wrong.

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