Is Iron Man Heroic?

All of us pay special attention to a superhero’s powers because, to put it simply, powers define them. This is what has happened ever since the release of Marvel’s latest (and final) Iron Man 3 trailer. There is a particularly awesome scene when Tony Stark calls in “backup,” which consists of a freaking army of Iron Man bots. It’s reasonable to say that a ton of excitement emanated (perhaps verbally) from each viewer upon seeing this scene. However, does this fleet of robots with potentially unlimited power make Iron Man more of a hero? I don’t think so. Continue reading


Life of Pi: Why Faith and Reason Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Life of Pi, directed by Ang Lee, puts two schools of thought in direct competition: the objective sciences and religion.

Before you continue reading, please understand that the next several paragraphs contain major spoilers that are necessary for analysis. Continue reading

The Simplicity of Something Complex (An Introduction)

Film is chemically printed onto frames that are 35 millimeters wide. Each of these individual frames are capable of maintaining enormous detail, regardless of their small sizes. A light projector scrolls through the film reel and enlarges their images onto a silver screen at a rate of about 24 frames per second. However, the average movie-goer does not know everything behind this technical process. Similarly, the content, or the deeper meaning behind each film feels almost disguised. Ideas, political biases, and slanted philosophies are all incorporated into film in such a subtle way that they are completely hidden to the average movie-goer. Therefore, it only makes sense to become “projectors” in the figurative sense–to bring these messages to light and to take something as simple as 35mm wide frame and explore the extent of its complexity.