Disney’s Tangled is an Untangled View on Libertarianism

tangled image

Let’s face it: doing the 7 AM usual morning line-up in a stress-free environment such as Rapunzel’s Tower (!!!) seems just like paradise. I’m sure all of us at one point or another (especially the guys) have dreamed of being ensured with similar leisure and protection, because only then will we be able to be truly happy, right?

Truth be told, however, being this comfortable is never good enough. Sometimes we can only be happy if we can just see the floating lanterns. We have to make sure our lives begin. So Rapunzel, I want to thank you for actually doing that, even if that meant ignoring your excuse of a “mother,” Gothel, who strictly forbade you to do so. Thank you for acknowledging that your freedom is the only key to your happiness, which is more important than whatever your control freak fake mother says. Because in the end, she doesn’t know best—at all.

For your fake mother to say that you, an 18 year old, must rely on her every single day for food and shelter and so much security, that you can’t even take one step out of your front door, is an insult to your maturity. She has constantly compared you to a mereĀ little girl (she even referred to you as a pet!) and because of that, she believes you are so incapable that you need to stand still and let her take care of you. But you’re not a kid any longer. You’re an adult now; one who should be able to assume responsibility, take some risks, and be independent. In retrospect, doesn’t that tower, albeit “comfortable,” begin to feel a little…unhappy?

But because you did leave your tower of total tyranny, I am very glad to see that you have found the strength to somehow find the impossible means of taking back the reins of your own life.

Doesn’t it feel good for you to be free from liar Gothel? For one thing, I’d assume it was amazing for you to just take a breath of fresh air, or feel grass beneath your feet. For me, those are incredibly small things now, but having opportunity to experience things—however simple—is what freedom is really all about. You can now become a prime example of that cliche slogan, “grassroots change” and build on experiences from that grass root level. (Aren’t my puns funny?!) Nevertheless, freedom is what allows you to forget your oppressive mother and listen to your own ambitions. Enjoy looking at floating lanterns? Go for it. The bounties of freedom are so exponentially greater than anything you can get from so-called “security,” that you should never listen to those who will try to take it away from you. They don’t know best.

Okay, as much as you and I would hate to say it, I have to admit that maybe Gothel was right with one thing: it sometimes is a scary world out there. Freedom does not always guarantee us success. We are free to fail. But as bad as this may seem, failure can be a good thing. Failure is what pushes us to use our maturity, individual ambitions, and limitless opportunities to the best of our ability so that we can pursue happiness in whatever way we define it.

However, Rapunzel, that happiness is no longer something for you to pursue. Freedom, not security, seems to have already turned your pursuit into a reality. Be grateful that you have achieved it.


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