The Elysium trailer isn’t even trying to hide its left-wing bias. In it, Earth (comprised of the “99%”) is in shambles and Matt Damon’s medically desperate character Max wants to cure himself by donning a robotic exo-skeleton and pillaging Elysium—-a healthy orbital space paradise for the “filthy” rich—-in straight up Marxist fashion. The movie pretty much depicts class-warfare and pushes for socialism, starting with a brutal form of socialized medical care for Max. Although this left-wing perspective may seem good because it superficially provides for needy individuals like Max, the trailer unfortunately fails to acknowledge why the socialistic ideals it presents fail on moral grounds.

One, the Elysium trailer is wrong by stereotyping the rich into being mere “privileged” individuals–people who were just born luckier than others and never earned their successes. However, this notion is not analogous at all with the majority of America. When an American becomes a multimillionaire (and gets to perhaps one day live in space) it’s not just because of privilege or the luck of a draw; it’s because he/she thought of an amazing idea, actually worked hard to make it come to fruition, and received just compensation. It would be morally wrong of us to devalue their unquestionable hard work and classify it as simple “luck.”

Two, the trailer (wrongly) condones theft. The movie falsely claims that the rich are just “lucky” in order to make it easier to steal their wealth. If Max believes the rich didn’t earn anything, what’s so wrong with him invading and stealing their property on Elysium? The problem is, they did earn it. This is the reason why the trailer is wrong: it lies about the rich in such a way that it encourages socialistic theft, which is unfair. It tries to justify something unjustifiable.

Three, the trailer assumes that it is impossible for the poor people on Earth to climb the social ladder, (you’d have to somehow get up to space in order to become rich) and that the only way to cure their poverty/sickness is to have society redistribute money to them. In reality, this assumption is inaccurate and only does way more harm than good. The assumption is innacurate because we are not born into these types of “castes” where we are trapped in different financial situations. We’re created with the equal opportunities for pursuing whatever we want. The assumption is harmful because it deems all lower class individuals as incapable of earning their own success, which demeans their working abilities, which only discourages them from rising up.

In sum, if we follow the movie’s message and create a complete socialist system, we will not only weaken incentives and the economy, but we will also drive the world to a state of moral calamity. That’s not a future I would welcome with open arms.

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One thought on “Elysium

  1. Yeah. The climax of this movie would surely be every socialist’s wet dream.There’s another movie, Upside Down, which carries similar socialistic connotations in its prime premise, although clearly less blatant. Check it out.

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